The run in

Hey guys n gals… we’re on the run in to Christmas!

This weekend coming we’ll be playing as part of “That’ll be the night” with Victorian band Sweet Rock. Over 300 have booked tickets for what will be a great evening of dancing. Can’t wait for that one! We have weddings to attend this month too. Very good friends of ours have asked us to play a couple of sets to help them celebrate and celebrate we shall.

December will be busy with a trip to Sale early on, and then we have our very own Christmas show on the 13th. The 14th sees us at Largs Bay as part of the street fair, and then the 19th we’re on the street at Freeling for their Christmas show. NYE we’re back up in sunny QLD with the gang at Breakaways. Privileged to be a part of that night with a great bunch!

We’re coming off the back of 2 great months for the band and we’re very excited about our future. Interstate gigs, overseas gigs, writing our 3rd album… what a life! Loving it right now!

We have other news coming up soon, so stay tuned and keep rocking!

August / September Festival Fun and Lucky 13

Well guys n gals… we made it back from Barham. What a great festival it is too. If you haven’t been before, it’s not a bad drive, the people are great, and the town and surrounds are very nice, so there is plenty to see and do. $25 for a weekend pass that gets you into all the bands for 4 nights.

OK… We saw some great bands on Thursday and Friday night (Who was that cat, and Honey B and The Stingers), and then it was our turn on Saturday night. We played to a packed house of very appreciative dancers who made us feel very special. We had a superb night and the feel in the room was just awesome. We had the BEST sound from Anthony Tenace of Kick Back Studios, and we were teamed up again with DJ Flash who is an obvious favourite with the dancers and he knows how to work the floor and keep it pumping. It was such a good night and one I think we’ll remember for a while.

Sunday night was a quieter affair, although we were surprised to see so many people still there eager to dance the night away. Unfortunately for me personally, I had succumbed to the cough and sore throat I had started with the day before and had virtually lost my voice, so as a band we were good, but as a vocalist… well I’ll be kind to myself and say I was pretty awful haha… but the show MUST go on, and it did, and the crowd were great and gave us a massive cheer when we finished. Hmm… Or maybe the cheer was “because” we’d finished haha!

We sold a huge amount of CD’s and t-shirts, so all in all it was a very successful weekend for us. We made a heap of new friends, gave out a heap of business cards, and we’re looking forward to whatever comes next! It’s an amazing life, and we’re so fortunate and grateful to have you lot in it!

Now I personally have to focus on getting right for this weekends show as it’s developed into a full blown dreaded lurgy. So no talking and lots of warm drinks… with err… whiskey in them! Yay for me!

Coming up this month we’re on at The Victor Harbor Festival on the Sunday afternoon, and then we’re back in Victoria at Lucky 13 Garage on September 27th. Would love to see you there.

It’s here!! New CD available now

Great news… our new CD is finally here and available for sale. You can buy online or at one of our shows. Cost of the CD is $15, plus postage if required. Coast FM, WOW FM, and EMFM have  taken delivery of their copies and are already sending our tunes across the country direct to your radio. Tune in to these fantastic stations for up to the minute info on all your local and national Rock n Roll information. Check their guides for details.

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New CD out in June – Teddy Boy Rock n Roll

Well it’s almost there. From around the first week of June our new CD, Teddy Boy Rock n Roll, will be available at our gigs for just $15, or from this very website delivered Australia Wide for $18.50

We’re pretty excited about it and we hope you guys like it. Keep an eye on our FB page and on here for details. As soon as it is ready, we’ll let you know!

The Lyrics page has been updated to show all the lyrics for the original songs, so if you like the song, you can sing along. We’ve seen you singing at the gigs and it’s brilliant. We love it!!! Thank you.

Here’s the cover…. The relevance of the cover art is in the lyrics to Teddy Boy Rock n Roll.

Double Covercolourborderxxx copy

Looking to May.

Hey guys n gals. Great news… The recording is done and we are just weeks away from our new CD hitting the airwaves. Once we have them in our hot little hands, we’ll be distributing to local and national DJ’s for the first run to get initial feedback, and hopefully we’ll get a few interviews along the way and then by June we’ll be hot to trot to start selling.

Meantime, May see’s us making a debut appearance at The Garterbelts and Gasoline nostalgia festival in Queensland. Once again we’re playing with some brilliant acts, namely Wes Pudsey and The Sonic Aces, and Little Mac and The Monster Men. It’s so cool to be able to line up with quality acts like these guys, and It still blows us away to be considered for these events! Being a part of the opening night and helping set the tone for the weekend is very exciting. Can’t wait!!

Stay tuned for more Lincolns updates soon.

Big month ahead

This is it… tomorrow is the beginning of our studio time!! After a huge weekend at West Lakes, we’re hitting the studio to record our new album “Teddy Boy Rock n Roll”. Feedback from the weekend gig where we performed the entire CD live was very promising. Hopefully the CD will live up to expectations!

The next month we’ll be flat out organising the printing of the CD, artwork etc, and then it’s off to QLD in May for the Garterbelt and Gasoline Festival. Yes… we are excited. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the dance floor at our next gig!

Bopping into 2014

Well we’re back from Ballarat, but I’ll talk more on that later. First up, I must mention the killer show we were invited to play at The Port Dock Brewery with The Wanderers Car Club on Jan 25th. Charlie went to a lot of trouble to put on a great event, Featuring us, Lady Voodoo, Lucky Seven and CC Jerome. Over 400 people packed in to the joint and it was pumping all night long. Well done Charlie, you don’t do half bad for a wannabe promoter!

The last couple of weeks practice have been spent finalising a few new originals and we pumped 3 of them out at Ballarat to get an idea on what the dancers thought of them. Overwhelmed with the response we got to them actually. We’re not playing them here in SA until March 29th, then into the studio to get them down on CD and out for sale ASAP.

Speaking of March 29th. The event is selling very well, so if you want your tickets, please get online and get your tickets soon or you may miss out. Three great bands and the coolest DJ in town for just $15. Can’t go wrong! Other gigs for March include the Mannum Hot Rod Show on the 9th, another interstate venture to Cobram on the 16th, and then we’re playing March 22 at Holdfast Shores Bowling Club for their fundraiser, but March 29 is where it’s at. New songs, plus TJ and The Twinspinners, The Switchblades and DJ Midnight Rocker.

OK… Ballarat. Not only is it a very cool place to be (food is awesome and well priced), the event itself was off the planet! Acts from all over the world, plus some of the best Australia has to offer congregated on the town for one weekend and put on a festival to rival anything anywhere. Pin ups, Hot Rods, cool cats and kittens, great dancers, people from all corners of the country came together and had a ball. Arthur and the team know how to deliver, and they delivered… yet again!

In fact… Arthur and his team are setting the standard when it comes to these festivals, so if you’re not doing it already, start thinking about Camperdown this October, and then Ballarat next Feb. The Lincolns may not be there next time as rotation is a must to keep things fresh for the punters, but regardless, the festival will rock your socks off!

We played 4 gigs while we were there, and they were all killer shows! Our final day performance in Sebastiaan’s cafe was one of the better shows I’ve personally ever been involved in… certainly as far as feel good shows are concerned, but take nothing away form the other 3 we did. They were all amazing, and the response to our brand of Rock n Roll was absolutely knock out.

As I said, the new ones are just about ready for launching here in SA, so if you’re keen to get along for a listen, please come along on March 29th and get your dancing shoes shined up and ready to bop the night away.

Take care folks and we’ll be speaking soon.

PS: If you want details of the March 29 gig, or if you don’t like buying online, please contact us via email – and we will get something arranged for you.

Lee Lincoln.

Don’t Stop The Bop!

Huge night of dancing with The Lincolns plus TJ & The Twinspinners and The Switchblades with DJ Midnight Rocker. Great entertainment package from start to finish. The Lincolns will be performing a heap of yet to be heard songs, including the 14 which will be on their CD to be recorded in early April. TJ and the gang will be heading back down South to show us again what we’ve been missing out on for the past few years, and The Switchblades will be bringing their own brand of good rocking energy and style to the joint in the way only they can. Glue it all together with the one and only DJ Midnight Rocker, and you have the makings of a great night.

This event is fully seated, so table bookings are not required. A ticket buys you a seat which you can select when you arrive. Sausage Sizzle provided through the night (weather permitting with outside BBQ’s). BYO Basket Supper!

Club West Lakes Bowling Club
21 Edwin Street
West Lakes Shore, SA 5020
Doors: From 7pm – Dancing from 7-30pm. BYO Basket Supper.CONTACT DETAILS: Lee Williams –

Booking online right here –


Wanderers Car Club, Christmas Show, and more!

The good guys and gals at Wanderers Car club have done it again. They are putting together a great show on January 25th in Port Adelaide at The Port Dock Brewery. International sensation CC Jerome is heading the bill, but is proudly (and more than capably) supported by local swing legends Lucky Seven, The amazing Lady Voodoo, and The Lincolns. There is also Burlesque Dancing and DJ Jess will be doing his thang (yep… thang!!) to keep the place a rocking in between.

Todd street will be closed off so the Wanderers can show off their awesome automobiles from earlier in the day, and the music and entertainment will be kicking off later in the evening. Check it out people… Australia day weekend, Jan 25th, tickets are only $20 and can be bought online right here

As previously mentioned, our Christmas show with TJ and The Twinspinners and The Midnight Rocker, has been sold out for quite some time. We’ve had to turn many people away, but surprisingly we have just found out that even more people have been phoning the venue direct to try and get tickets, so it seems a lot of people have missed out and are very disappointed. It seems they didn’t hear about the show in time.

There are two places where all our shows will be advertised… One is right here, but the first place will always be our facebook page. If you know people that might be interested in keeping up to date with future shows, please direct them either to this site, or to our face book page. You can click a button to follow this website so you are updated by email whenever we post info here, or you can like our Facebook page to get updates through social media.

All future ticketing for our shows will be handled externally as it’s just too hard to do in house. A link will be put up on FB and on this site where tickets can be bought online using credit cards etc, and you can print them yourself at home. A much easier option if you ask me. We will also ensure that at a venue where we sell 200 tickets, there will be 200 seats available so there is no need to book a table as you are guaranteed a seat. We’re just trying to streamline things. We never thought that we would ever be in a position where we are getting so many people interested in our shows that we are finding it difficult to handle in house. Rest assured though, we love you for it. Thank you!



Christmas Show, Ballarat and more!

Hey guys n gals… our Christmas show with TJ & The Twinspinners is well and truly sold out. I believe one or two people might still be advertising it, but if you don’t already have a ticket you will not be able to get in. Don’t worry though… word is we might just do it again in March!

Well we’ve been confirmed for the Ballarat beat in Feb! Very excited about this one. Thanks Arthur for giving us another crack at one your very cool events. Camperdown was a huge success and, we expect Ballarat to be more of the same. We’ve also been added to the list of entertainers at next years Garterbelts and Gasoline show in QLD during the first weekend of May. Because of these new interstate shows, more cd’s are being printed as we speak due to our last lot of 500 being almost gone. Thank you so much to all of you who purchased one.

Speaking of CD’s… our next CD recording session has been booked in a much bigger studio. April 2014 will see us back in the control room putting together the new album, with loads of vintage gear at our disposal to help capture the feel of the era. We’re very excited about this too, and can’t wait to bring you guys the finished product. We’re expecting much bigger things of ourselves this time, and we aim not to disappoint.