Upcoming Gigs

Below is a list of where you will be able to see us in the coming months. The front page will also be updated often as a reminder of gigs for that particular month, and will also have more details re times etc. By clicking “Follow” on the front page, that information will be emailed to you so you will always be completely up to date with all things Lincoln!.

All the finer details of these gigs are available on our facebook page.

Aril 8th – St Albans – Kingpin Kuztoms

April 9th – Birdwood, Rock n Roll Rendezvous

April 22nd –  Private Party

April 30th – Lord Exmouth Hotel

May 6th – Tooleybuc Rock n Roll Festival


May 11 – 12th – 2 Melbourne Shows TBA (Vic)

May 19th – Private Party

May 20th – Rock n Roll Rampage, (With Kieron McDonald, Benny and the Fly By Niters and Kitty Martini) Castle Entertainment Centre

May 27th – Hamilton (Vic)

June 2nd – Privste Party

June 10th – Sea and Vines – Leconfield Wines

June 17th – Private Party.

June 25th – Lord Exmouth

June 30th – Legends Rock n Roll Club

July 8th – Lincolns and Fender Benders, Castle Entertainment Centre

July 15th – Wimmera Rockers Dance World – Horsham VIC

July 22nd – Private Party

July 29th – Jive in July (ReChords, Twang, Lincolns)

Aug 4th – TBA

Aug 19th – Adelaide Rock n Roll Club Pin Up Theme Night

Aug 27th – Lord Exmouth

Sept 2nd – Private Party

Sept 17th – Victor Harbour Rock n Roll Festival

Sept 21 – 24th – Ted Do (Blackpool UK)

Sept 29th – St Pauls (Ipswich UK)

Sept 20th – Crondall Rock n Roll Club UK

Oct 7th and 8th – Helsinki (Finland)

Oct 14th – Rockin’ All Dayer – London (UK)

Oct 21st – York Ted Fest – York (UK)

Oct 27th – The Steamer – Fleetwood (UK)

Oct 28th – Lancaster Rock n Roll Club – Lancaster (UK)

Nov 3rd – Rosecroft – Orpington (UK)

Dec 8th – Parramatta (NSW)